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Willie Mays Autographed Custom Multi-Layer Framed Showpiece

The durable 18" x 22" midnight black frame encases custom multi-layer black and orange matting of one of the all-time Major League greats, Willie Mays. This elite multi-layer matting and framing process can cost over $400 in retail frame shops. The autograph of Willie Mays has passed through the stringent GFA certification process to ensure that this signatures is truely genuine. Sitting to the right of the vintage color artwork print by Ron Lewis lies a classic New York Giants franchise logo, as well as Wille Mays iconic number 24 in a custom circle cut. At the bottom of the piece resies a golden engraved commemorative plaque marking the year Mays was inducted into the National Baseball Hall of Fame. All of these brilliant features are highlighted by the intricate, custom multi-layer matting. This gallery room design of unparalleled quality, has only been made available in limited production and won't be here for very long. Don't wait any longer to take home this unparalleled showcase of a true ambassador of the game. Take home a piece of classic baseball history by winning this limited edition autographed showcase of Willie Mays.

Willie Mays, the Say Hey Kid, played with enthusiasm and exuberance while excelling in all phases of the game -- hitting for average and power, fielding, throwing and baserunning. Willie Mays' unquestionable career statistics and longevity in the pre-PED era, the more recent acknowledgment of Mays as perhaps the finest Five-tool player ever, and the overwhelming consensus of many surveys and other expert analyses carefully examining Mays' relative performance, have led to a growing opinion that Mays was possibly the greatest all-around baseball player of all-time. His staggering career statistics include 3,283 hits and 660 home runs. The Giants superstar earned National League Rookie of the Year honors in 1951 and two MVP Awards. He accumulated 12 Gold Gloves, played in a record-tying 24 All-Star games and participated in four World Series. His catch of Vic Wertz's deep fly in the '54 Series remains one of baseball's most memorable moments. Don't wait any longer to take home this unparalleled showcase of Willie Mays.


- Authenticated Willie Mays Autograph

- Premium Multi-Layer Black & Orange Matting Around the Autograph, Franchise Logo, and Number

- 18" x 22" Textured Frame Size

- Gallery Room Quality Presentation

- Vintage Color Artwork Print by Ron Lewis

- Classic New York Giants Franchise Logo

- Willie Mays Iconic Number 24 in Custom Circle Cut

- Durable Midnight Black Frame Coating

799.00 Sale $150.00
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